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Chinese Turquoise Update Part Two

In Part Two of our update on Chinese turquoise we learn of the development of the Yungai Turquoise Park located at the site of the old Yungai Temple Mine. China is developing their domestic turquoise market as part of their ongoing movement from communism to capitalism.

Pictured are a cluster group of gem grade Yungai Temple turquoise.



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Andy Wang continues...

The main mine area of Yungai turquoise mine is basically mined out above the 730-meter elevation and many hidden dangers have been left behind which is the tragedy of the mine. The China government highly anticipated to the protection and construction of Yungai Turquoise Mine Park and protect the common home of mankind. I think the visitors will feel the preciousness of turquoise and the magic of earth mother.

For our local small business people, I think they like it because before turquoise is very cheap in China domestic market, but now more and more people in China begin to know and like turquoise, so the turquoise price is higher and higher


Andy Wang on Chinese turquoise

The earth is the common home of mankind and a community with a shared future for mankind. The Tao Te Ching( Ancient Chinese classics book)says: The earth is uneven, and a gentleman(earth) carries his wealth with great virtue. The earth is like a gentleman, carrying the past, present and future of mankind.

Because of human beings' disorderly development and utilization, the earth now is riddled with holes, and environmental deterioration continues to intensify.


Zhushan translates as Bamboo Mountain.

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