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Blue Gem Cabochon

Blue Gem has long been used in Native American jewelry. While known as Blue Gem it is the Blue Gem Lease mine to differentiate from other Blue Gems. The story of Blue Gem is found in Turquoise in America Part Two 1910-1990.


This small cabochon has a weight of 4.4 carats and is priced at $15 a carat or $66. It is not treated and unbacked. The provenance of this stone is fascinating and makes it very special. I bought his cab from Marc Howard who bought from Forrest Fenn who bought from Rex Arrowsmith. This cab probably dates to an early period of mining at Blue Gem. It shows a distinctive bright blue color in a light matrix. I have assigned a TG to the stone of 81 or HG (high grade).


The provenance alone is a special part of turquoise history. Combined with the beauty and very reasonable price this one is a keeper.

Blue Gem Cabochon

  • Turquoise is represented as natural with any backing disclosed and provenance provided when possible.

    Photographs are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly in color from the actual turquoise.

    All sales are guaranteed and may be returned for full refund, less shipping, within one week of receipt.

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