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Dry Creek Cabochon

The first thing to understand about Dry Creek is that it is a marketing name for turquoise from Godber Burnham that does not show the characteristic color associated with that mine. When the name was first used for marketing purposes the lighter blue was less favorable. Recently lighter colors, including white, have become more accepted in the marketplace and Dry Creek turquoise has become very desirable. Since it is a lower grade of Godber Burnham it is also very affordable.


This is a cabochon purchased from the mine owners. It has not been treated and is lightly backed. It has a weight of 31.4cts and is priced at $10/ct or $314. Finding comparable Dry Creek at this grade and price is difficult. I have graded the turquoise according to the R2 scale for a TG (turquoise grade) of 82.5 or High Grade HG.


This is a well-cut cabochon that provides the opportunity to own a highly desirable turquoise from a well-known mine with good provenance at an affordable price. Be advised that photographing turquoise is difficult and actual colors may differ slightly from the photograph.

Dry Creek Cabochon

  •  Turquoise is represented as natural with any backing disclosed and provenance provided when possible.

    Photographs are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly from the actual turquoise.

    All sales are guaranteed and may be returned for full refund, less shipping, within one week of receipt.

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