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Gem Grade Candelaria Cabochon

Candelaria comes from Esmeralda County Nevada and has never been a located claim. The only concession was given to Wayne Nelson in 1985. The story of Candelaria may be found in Turquoise in America Part Two 1910-1990.


This cabochon weighs 9.7 carats and measures 2cm by 1.5cm. It is priced at $100 a carat or $970. It has not been treated and is lightly backed. I have assigned a TG of 93 or GG Gem Grade. Red Web Candelaria is considered to be the highest grade and seldom found in the market. I cut this stone from rough I purchased from Bob Brucia.

Gem Grade Candelaria Cabochon

  • Turquoise is represented as natural with any backing disclosed and provenance provided when possible.

    Photographs are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly in color from the actual turquoise.

    All sales are guaranteed and may be returned for full refund, less shipping, within one week of receipt.

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