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Godbur Burnham Cabochons

In the late thirties high grade turquoise became available to Native American jewelers from several mines including Lone Mountain, Blue Gem and Godber Burnham. Godber Burnham is perhaps the first turquoise to develop a brand recognition under the term Burnham Blue. The story of these mines is contained in Turquoise in America Part Two, 1910-1990.


We present a set of Godber Burnham cabochons showing the distinctive Burnham Blue in dark web. This is a rare and desired look for Godber Burnham. I purchased these cabs from the mine owners Jeri and Bruce Woods over their dining table. It is not treated and lightly backed. They have a combined weight of 6.4 carats. I have assigned a turquoise grade TG of 90.75 which is Very High Grade VHG, very close to a Gem Grade score GG of 91. The price is $60 a carat or $384.


Turquoise of this grade is becoming difficult to find at any price and this is especially true of Godber Burnham. These little gems would make a wonderful set of earrings set in 18 carat gold.

Godbur Burnham Cabochons

  • Turquoise is represented as natural with any backing disclosed and provenance provided when possible.

    Photographs are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly from the actual turquoise.

    All sales are guaranteed and may be returned for full refund, less shipping, within one week of receipt.

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