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Indian Mountain High Grade Cabachon

Indian Mountain is one of the seven classic turquoise mines of Nevada as described by Bob Brucia in Turquoise, Jewell of the Southwest. The history of Indian Mountain is found in Turquoise in America Part Three, The Stories of Turquoise, 1990-2020.


This cabochon weighs 5.6 carats and measures 2cm by 1.75cm. It is priced at $80 a carat or $448. It has not been treated and is lightly backed. Bob Brucia bought this rough from Richard Dann and cut these cabs. I have graded the stone at TG 90 or VHG Very High Grade. Indian Mountain is seldom mined and very rare in the market place especially at this grade. This stone is featured on page 60 of the book Turquoise, Jewell of the Southwest, the Nevadagem Collection.

Indian Mountain High Grade Cabachon

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