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Pilot Mountain Gem Grade

The history of Pilot Mountain is contained in Turquoise in America Part Two 1910-1990 and Part Three, The Stories of Turquoise, 1990-2020.


This cabochon weighs 6.9 carats and measures 2cm by 1cm. It has not been treated and is lightly backed. It is priced at $90 a carat or $621. I have assigned a TG of 94.5 or GG Gem Grade. This is the highest grade to come from Pilot Mountain and is among the rarest of all turquoise. The story of this stone is told in Turquoise in America Part Three. It was mined by Monte Anderson and sold to Bob Brucia before becoming part of the Callais Collection. The stone is featured on page 107 of the book Turquoise, Jewell of the Southwest. This is truly a treasure of American turquoise.

Pilot Mountain Gem Grade

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