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Pixie Turquoise

Pixie is not a famous turquoise mine. It is not even a not so famous mine but it has a great story. Is it turquoise, or variscite, or faustite? In this video Mike discuses the Pixie story and we see some beautiful turquoise. Or is it?


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Jun 04, 2022

Great sleuthing Mike! It makes sense, and those of us who do turquoise research often have to put disjointed info together as you have done. I hadn't heard of Bozo Quinn before, but I had several bits of data that told me Pixie was a leased claim that was stepped on by Cortez. I know of a couple of others that claimed to have had a lease there one summer in the early 70s. Pixie, Carico and Orvil Jack are the best green "turquoise" (faustite) IMHO.

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Thanks. You know more about the small claims than anyone. I agree with your best of the green and would add Northern Lights.

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