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Turquoise in America Part Three: The Stories of Turquoise, 1990-2020 (SC)

Part Three of Turquoise in America concludes the story of turquoise spanning one hundred thirty years. Following the early period covered in Part One: The Great American Turquoise Rush, 1890-1910 which told of the earliest efforts by east coast jewelers searching for skyblue turquoise to put into Victorian jewelry, Part Two: 1910-1990 continued the story as the development of a tourist industry created demand for Native American jewelry featuring beautiful turquoise. Part Three: 1990- 2020 presents the major trends of that time period including the development of cable shopping networks, new interest from Japan, and an entirely new way for turquoise to be distributed with the development of the internet and social media. The history is told through the Stories of Turquoise, the voices of those who made the history told through the stories of miners, jewelers and traders. In many ways, this book is an addendum to the first two rather than a stand-alone volume. It provides an opportunity for those who have read Parts One and Two to follow the central themes that influenced the turquoise trade during the past thirty years and hear the stories from those who participated in that history.

Turquoise in America Part Three: The Stories of Turquoise, 1990-2020 (SC)

  • Format: Softcover book with flaps

    Publisher: Callais Press, LLC

    ISBN 979-8-218-01499-5

    Dimension: 8.5” X 11”

    144 Pages

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