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Villa Grove Lot

Villa Grove is a famous turquoise mine in Colorado. The story is told in Turquoise in America Part Two, 1910-1990.


These are 29 very small cabochons weighing a combined weight of 38 carats. They measure, on average, 5mm X 7mm. They are priced at $4 a carat or $152.They are not treated and heavily backed. I have assigned a turquoise grade TG of 77 High Mid-Grade HMG.

In addition there is one 3.7 carat measuring about 1cm X 1cm priced at $10 a carat or $37. I have assigned a TG of 80 HG.


Total price for the lot is $189.


These cabochons were purchased by Mikel Saks in the late 70’s from George Musick who owned the claim. I purchased them from Mr. Saks. The Villa Grove mine is currently under water and it is unlikely that turquoise will be mined in the future.

Villa Grove Lot

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